Hey, I am Justin Herbe, a fresh new candidate for Fayetteville City Council District 5.  I am a dedicated husband and father, retired officier,  and active member of the community.   The city has grown astronimically since 2019, we need a transparent and effective leadership that represents our community.Justin Herbe



About me

I am a dedicated husband, father, and retired officer,

I decided to run for District 5 because our community needs leadership that doesn't hold back, and is a reprensentation of the community it serves.  I've personally witnessed our City Council steamroll through important matters for sake of a timely meeting, or silencing the constituent.

Our lives and property don’t operate on a nice clean timeline, and neither should your city council. Serving in the 82nd Airborne taught me to keep eyes open and my ear to the ground. I will listen to all the people in my district and put the people first. City Council needs to be responsible, honest and transparent.

Raising my family in this community through recreation sports, our church family and other volunteer opportunities including my time serving on the Zoning Committee, has deepened my roots in this community. I have opened and operated small businesses here and understand the struggle it is to make a buck in a transient military community.

This is our city and its time to put the power back in the people’s hands, let their voices be heard and protect our God given liberties from government overburden.


Transparent and Inclusive Fayetteville!

Justin Herbe For District 5


"...Seek Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly. " Micah 6:8

Seek Justice

Our First Responders are facing a crisis.  Our neighborhoods are unsafe; it is not popular to serve our community; and the current pay rate is not adequate to support a family while working as a First Responder.  We need to take care of our First Responders, just like they take care of us.  They need to feel valued by the community and the community needs to feel safe due to AND from the Police.  


I’m very excited with the establishment of an Office of Community Safety in Fayetteville when this last budget review in June.  The OCS is going to streamline the city’s safety measures, reduce crime, especially in areas affected by persistent criminal activities and also in victimless crimes caused by homelessness and lack of mental health support.  This entails a collaboration between stakeholders to create new strategies, including community-based education and awareness programs, youth mentoring, neighborhood watch programs, and community policing.  If implemented correctly, the OCS will improve public safety and the Police Department’s relationship in the community by increasing engagement, increasing transparency in policing, promoting diversity in police leadership, and improving police procedures by reviewing them from an impartial position.  This is a net gain and will save taxpayers money by redirecting the Police Force towards high profile crime and major cases.  


If I were to be treated inhumanely or as a sub-human, the Police Department would seem to be a threat.  It is not just necessary, it is imperative that community trust is restored with the Police Force.  For this to work we must maintain the high standards that Chief Braden has implemented in the Fayetteville Police Academy.  We also must raise the starting salary of the Police Department at least 30%, so that we can recruit even more quality individuals who are committed to the Fayetteville city as well as protecting our streets.  Nearby cities are enticing our potential recruits and dedicated citizens to join their force because the pay is better and the job demands are less stressful.  Pay First Responders in a manner that they truly are empowered, so that we have a Force large enough to serve and protect the entire community.  The taxpayer money saved by the OCS will very easily cover the pay increase.


Love Mercy

Rising housing costs have greatly increased the number of unsheltered persons in our city, county, and nation.  Many families are just one or two paychecks away from needing government assistance.  Higher home costs and higher rents are not good for the stability of the country.  In the past I’ve personally made it a point to engage with the homeless that I come across.  I talk to them, offer meals and water.  I’ve even offered my own home to those in need of a shower or the use my phone.   What I witnessed first hand was that there are many individuals seeking a step up and not a handout.  


The issue starts with our community, we need to do better as a whole.  We need to look at these individuals the way our Maker looks at these individuals, as children of God.  Once we have that perspective, we can begin to realize that the struggle they are going through is quite often not their fault.  Without eyes of sympathy and compassion, we will never solve the problem of homelessness.  This is not a county issue, this is not a city issue, it is a humanitarian issue. Let’s take care of our brothers and sisters in a way that provides them dignity and self worth.  Let’s give them opportunities to serve their community, clean up their lives, seek mental health counseling, and have a meaningful life.


Walk Humbly

God, Family, Community is the motto that I live by.  I can’t be humble without being transparent and living a life of integrity.    It is vital to take responsibility for one’s actions, regardless if they are good or bad, misinformed, or misjudgments… just take ownership of them.  I do not blame others, point fingers, or avoid tough questions.  When others are still talking, you will see me executing the plans we have in place, asking questions in order to learn more, apply improvements, and make tough decisions.  


Asking questions is not a sign of weakness, it is a desire to identify the root cause of issues, so solutions can be created.  We cannot operate a government in “reaction mode” all the time.  We need to look at ways to not just fix, but also prevent, issues from occurring.  What affects one individual affects us all, one weak link in our community weakens us all.  If issues are not addressed, they become worse.  Merely reacting to issues causes reactive solutions; such as raising taxes, outrageous parking fees, cutting off services, or lack of privilege to be free in our own neighborhoods.  Quality Preventative Leadership includes maintaining services, cutting unnecessary spending, and reducing the number of unnecessary laws that need not be enforced in the first place.  Our community can come together and solve these issues by asking the right questions, to all the people involved, not just those with the loudest voices. I’m here to listen, learn and serve District 5 as best I can. 

Let's Make Fayetteville Better


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